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For our love of all things Halloween, we have turned our backyard neighborhood Halloween haunting into a bigger haunting event business in partnership with B٭E Winery in Conroe, TX. Known as “The Haunted Trail” at B٭E Winery.

Our background: Being a retired military veteran of 30 years I missed pretty much every holiday or event with the family, except Halloween. So, this became our “holiday.” Over the years, we went from decorating just the front yard and scaring people to putting on a full haunted “house” using our entire backyard. Every year buying more props, changing the theme, using friends, family, and college students to help with the scaring while never charging anyone who came.

October 2020 was our 1st year partnering with B٭E Winery for Halloween. On a shoestring budget and only 2 weeks to set up and scramble for volunteers, we managed to pull off a good haunting experience for all who came. In October 2021, the Haunted Trail was bigger and better with rave reviews.

Now we are expanding to add more scares to “The Haunted Trail,” and helping other businesses set-up their own haunting event or private halloween party.

Our Team


Tony Howdeshell
Owner/President/Business Development


Cameron Howdeshell

Co-Owner/VP of Operations


Ann-Marie Howdeshell

VP of Administration 

What They're Saying

We just walked through and had so much fun!! We cannot wait until next year! October 2021 

Maria Rivera-Lawrence


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